Evony’s Elite Showdown: The All-Star Battle Season 8

Buildings in All-Star Battlefield

Evony has announced that All-Star Battle Season 8 will be held from July 25th to August 28th. Among the rest: From July 25 to August 21 is The Final Constantinople Ultimate War Season, which is the audition for the All-Star competition. August 23 is the Preliminary round of the All-Star. August 25 is the Semifinal … Read more

Get Valuable Rewards in the General Portrait Exhibition & General Hall in Art Hall

General Portrait Exhibition

Evony has been hosting the General Portrait Exhibition Event for a while and has gone through several changes. We can get more Historic Generals here. At present, it seems that this event is a cyclical event. During the event, we can get General’s Invitations to redeem rare General Tokens and other rewards. As the game … Read more