Comprehensive Ways to Obtain Blood of Ares in Evony

Use Blood of Ares to enhance Generals in Evony

In Evony, the Blood of Ares is crucial for ascending Generals. Once an Epic Historic General (golden general) reaches five golden stars, players can further enhance the General through ascension, which requires a significant amount of Blood of Ares. Consequently, securing enough Blood of Ares is a common challenge. This article categorizes the methods for … Read more

Civilization Equipment Amplification & Star Atlas Activation Guide

Evony Civilization Equipment Amplify

The Civilization Star Atlas in Evony enhances your Civilization Equipment, making it more potent. Access this feature through the “Civilization Equipment” section in Wonder. With Star Atlas’s introduction, players might wonder about the amplification process, its advantages, and how to acquire the required items. This article aims to clarify these aspects and help players effectively … Read more