A Detailed Guide to General Basil II’s Skills and Combinations in Evony

General Basil II

General Basil II, a name synonymous with valor and might, led the Byzantine Empire into its second golden age. This article will explore the story of this historic figure, delve into his special skills and specialties, and provide guidance on how to acquire and use this general in Evony. General Basil II’s Legacy In 989, … Read more

Strategies, Buffs, and Rewards in Evony’s Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season

Evony Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season

The final round of Season 67’s Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season is fast approaching. To assist all contestants, this article will detail the scoring rules, War Supply, and rewards, along with providing players with strategic advice drawn from actual combat experience. Building Scores:   War Supply: Within the game, there are 13 different War Supply … Read more

A Guide to General Kleos in Evony’s ‘Heavenly Fire Legacy’

General Kleos

Introduction to General Kleos In the epic world of Evony’s “Heavenly Fire Legacy,” General Kleos stands as a legendary figure. A Historic General renowned for his valiant deeds, he partners with General Pallas to maintain peace in Yadirah City. This guide will take you through his story, skills, specialties, acquisition, and how to pair him … Read more

David Guo Views on the Evony’s Gameplay and Cultural Diversity

Blazon in Evony

In a world of ever-changing gaming experiences, one game has proven itself as a stand-out strategy marvel: “Evony: The King’s Return.” Developed by David Guo, this unique strategy game has artfully entwined seven major world civilizations with traditional war strategy gameplay, giving players a novel experience that transcends time and borders. Gameplay and Cultural Diversity … Read more

David Guo: A Closer Look at the Evony’s Features


In a world enthralled by mobile gaming, one title has been making significant strides in the market, leaving its mark on players around the globe. “Evony: The King’s Return” by Top Games Inc. is not just a game; it’s an epic journey through historical Civilizations, strategic warfare, and the challenge of empire-building. In 2022, the … Read more