Unlock & Upgrade Champions for Evony Buffs & Rewards

Check Evony Champions on the Keep

The Champion feature can bring great benefits to monarchs in Evony. Click the “Champion” (The red heart) on the Keep, and you will be able to check this function, unlock champions’ attributes, and claim Loyalty rewards. And you can also unlock new plots (Memory) with Loyalty upgrading. This article will help you to understand the … Read more

New Champion Esmeralda is coming to Evony with the Esmeralda’s Dance Event

Evony Champion Esmeralda

With the release of Autumn Ceremony Events, Evony adds a new Champion, called Esmeralda at the Esmeralda’s Dance Event. She is a Roma girl who combines charm and innocence. Please read on to understand the details of her story, champion skill, and the way to unlock her. Esmeralda’s Champion Story Background The Wanderer’s Dance A … Read more

How Strong about the New Ground-troop General Pyrrhus in Evony?

Evony Epic Historic General Pyrrhus

Evony’s new ground-troop general Pyrrhus are online now. He was a Greek king and statesman of the Hellenistic period, considered one of the greatest generals of antiquity. His appearance seems to be a good general to lead the ground troop in Evony. If you want to know his story, special skills, specialties, ways to obtain … Read more

An applied guide for gaining all new things at Regata Storica Event

Evony Ocean Master Castles Pirate Fortress & Naval Bay

Evony has released a brand new 11-day festival event starting September 1st – the Regata Storica Event. During the event, players can get many precious things including the new CP Ocean Master Castles and decorations, General Pyrrhus, Kleos’ General Skin, Spiritual Beast Thunderbird, and Ideal Land building – Gondola. Please read on to check the … Read more

Evony’s Wheel of Past Secret: Earn the Ideal Land Building Gondola

Evony's Wheel of Past Secret

📣 Hey Evony Gamers, get ready for an epic adventure! The Evony official announcement has just dropped their latest event — the Wheel of Past Secret, kicking off on September 1st! 👀THere are the details of the Wheel of Past Secret To join the action, head over to the Event Center and select ‘Wheel of … Read more