Enhancing Civilization Equipment in Evony: A Guide to Advanced Refining

Evony has recently unveiled a new feature known as , designed to elevate the player's . This guide will walk you through the process, provide essential notifications, and explain how to acquire the required items.

Advanced Refining Process

  1. Refine Civilization in Wonder: Start by refining a piece of Civilization Equipment in Wonder to obtain 4 golden attributes.
  2. Proceed to Advanced Refining: Click on “Advanced Refining” to further refine the equipment. Only equipment that meets the Advanced Refining criteria will be displayed on this page.


  • A maximum of 50 Advanced Refinings can be performed per day on each piece of equipment.
  • Per Evony's official statement, Advanced Refining can reach up to level 100.
Civilization Equipment Advanced Refine
Civilization Equipment Advanced Refine

Understanding Advanced Refining

Advanced Refining unlocks a new attribute in the Civilization Equipment, independent of other refining attributes. If you refine the equipment after Advanced Refining is unlocked, and the refining attributes change, the Advanced Refining effect will remain unaffected.

Attributes by Equipment Type

  • Weapons (e.g., Bident, Bow, Sword, etc.): All Troop Attack
  • Helmet: All Troop HP
  • Armor & Leg Armor: All Troop Defense
  • Boots: All Troop HP
  • Accessories (e.g., Bracers, Ring, Freedom Star, Shield): All Troop Attack

Necessary Items for Advanced Refining

Advanced Refining requires a substantial amount of and Gold. Here are efficient ways to collect Refined Stones:

  • Participate in events like King's Party, Black Market, Alliance Shop, and more.
  • Engage in activities like , Viking Challenge, , etc.
  • Take advantage of Limited Offers.

Gold can be obtained quickly and freely through Levy, , Black Market, Viking, Golden Goblin, Bayar Knight, dismissing Generals, and other avenues.

Get Gold from Black Market in Evony
Get Gold from Black Market in Evony

Civilization Equipment Sets in Evony

Evony now boasts 14 sets of Civilization Equipment, including:

  • Sasanian Set
  • Plantagenet Set
  • Freedom Hero Set
  • Furinkazan Set
  • Han Dynasty Set
  • Koryo Set
  • Rurik Set
  • Abbas Set
  • Bourbon Set
  • Augustus Set
  • Antonine Set
  • Heian Set
  • Thebes Set
  • Aztec Set

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