Evony General Introduction – Duty General Ban Chao

is not just a name in the annals of Chinese history; he is a symbol of valor, strategy, and indomitable spirit. Known as the “Protector General of the Western Regions” by the Han government, his exploits have transcended history to find a place in Evony. In the game, Ban Chao takes on the role of a , lending strong buffs as an . This article takes you on a thrilling journey through Ban Chao's story, his special skills, specialties, and how to unlock this Epic in Evony.

Epic Historic General - Ban Chao
Epic Historic General – Ban Chao

The Epic Story of Ban Chao

In the turbulent year of 73 AD, the Western Regions became a focal battleground, caught between the Han Dynasty and the Northern Huns. Ban Chao emerged as a beacon of courage and intelligence, leading just 36 men on a perilous mission to unite the Western Regions under the Han Dynasty.

His audacity was unmatched, attacking the Hun camp overnight, forcing the king into submission by presenting the head of the Hun emissary. Ban Chao's strategic genius and determination saw him bring all 50 countries in the Western Regions under the Han Dynasty's wing over a span of 31 years, earning him the revered title of Dingyuan Marquis.

Throughout his three-decade-long journey, Ban Chao's reputation as a military tactician and courageous leader spread far and wide. His profound impact on the epic poem of the Han Dynasty has etched his name into the very fabric of history.

The Special Skill of Ban Chao

As an Archer Tower Officer in Evony, Ban Chao's Special Skill, named “Western Regions,” holds immense power. It reduces enemy-mounted troops' attacks by 20% while simultaneously boosting your in-city ranged troops' attacks by 20%.

As an Awakened General, Ban Chao's star ascends with his increasing special skill. Each star holds a unique attribute, and the details will be portrayed vividly in the accompanying illustration.

will be shown in the following picture.
The Special Skills of Ban Chao
The Special Skills of Ban Chao

The Specialty of Ban Chao (Max Level Attributes)

  • Ground Troop Assault – Ground Troop Attack & HP +10%
  • Sabotage – Enemy Troop Defense -10%
  • Sage (Applied to Archer Tower Officer) – Archer Tower Attack +90%
  • Guard the Western Regions – Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -20%, Archer Tower Attack +100%
The Specialties of Ban Chao
The Specialties of Ban Chao

The way to get Ban Chao

  1. Recruit from

You can use Gem to refresh Generals in Tavern and use Gold to recruit Ban Chao. Please upgrade the level of Tavern to increase the probability of refreshing Epic Historic Generals.
  1. – General Hall Ⅰ Historic General

Participate in General Portrait Exhibition and redeem the second item “General Hall ⅠHistoric General”, then you will have a chance to summon Ban Chao.
  1. King's Scheme – Epic Historic General (Rare)

You will also have a chance to summon James Bowie by participating in King's Scheme and redeem the second item “Epic Historic General (Rare)”.

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