Evony’s Civilization Celebration from August 15th to 17th!

Get Ready, Warriors – Evony's is Coming Your Way!

Hold onto your helmets, fellow warriors! To show our immense gratitude for your love and support for Evony, we're rolling out the red carpet for a three-day Civilization Celebration bash from August 15th to 17th. Ready to dive into the festivities? Here's what awaits you:

🎉 Event: Got a stash of Noble Coins? Now's your chance to spin the Wheel of Civilization and nab some grand loot like the Chests (Conquest and Supremacy). Get those Noble Coins from Monsters, Resource Spots, or Wheel of Civilization Packages, and spin away!

🎡 General Portrait Exhibition Event: Calling all history buffs! Collect General Invitations from Server Monarch Competitions, Activity Chests, and more, and trade them for Historic Generals and other goodies. Look out for prized generals like and . They're up for grabs!

👑 King's Scheme Event: Time to play the King's Scheme! Grab General Mementos and redeem unique Generals like or . And keep an eye out for the next round's stars: Trajan, Flavius Aetius, and Prince Rhaegar.

💎 Strategic Stockpile & Golden Refining Events: Love gems? Stock up on Basic Gems for daily rewards or take on daily quests during the Golden Refining Event. Act fast, as these events reset daily!

🍻 Strong Drink Event: Thirsty for rare items? The Booze event lets you quench your thirst with quests that reward you big time! Just remember to use those event items before they vanish after the event.

💰 Consume To Earn Awesome Rewards: Last but not least, a short-term awaits. Splurge on Gold and Speedups, and watch the rewards roll in.

So, fellow Evony players, gear up for a celebration like no other. With so many events, there's something for every warrior. See you in the battlefield, and may the loot be ever plentiful!

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