Evony’s Visit to Ancient Babylon Event

Hey fellow warriors, grab your swords and shields because we're about to embark on a journey back in time! From August 4th to 14th, Evony is opening the gates to , and trust me, you don't want to miss this epic adventure!

Sirrush Stamp in Ishtar Chest
Sirrush Stamp in Ishtar Chest

Explore the Mystical Hanging Gardens

Ready to hunt for treasures? Collect and from the Ancient Babylon Sale, Gifts of Ancient Babylon, and Limited Time Promotion Quests. Open the chests, and you'll be showered with Sirrush Stamps!

Use these stamps to explore the legendary Hanging Gardens and earn a mountain of Roses. Keep an eye out for limited rewards like the Flexible Specialty Box. And guess what? Once you've grabbed all the limited goodies, you can share your Sirrush Stamps with friends and rake in Owl Gold Coins and Holy Embers!

Unlock Helen's Gift in the Ishtar Chest

Every day during the event, Helen's gift awaits you. Get your hands on from the Ancient Babylon Sale and send stamps to your friends or Alliance members. Want to add a personal touch? Customize the chest with a postcard and a special message. The recipient can claim the treasures inside and share the love with a postcard.

Grab the Gifts of Ancient Babylon Package

For 7 days, purchase the Gifts of Ancient Babylon Package and claim heaps of Sirrush Stamps and rare items. Hurry, though, because once the event ends, these rewards will vanish into thin air!

Don't Forget to Claim Your Treasures

Remember, any leftover Ishtar Chests, Guardian Stamp Chests, and Sirrush Stamps will disappear at the end of the event, along with any unclaimed items. So, be a wise warrior and claim them before time runs out!

Bonus: 10 Free Sirrush Stamps to Kickstart Your Adventure

As a special treat, we've prepared 10 Sirrush Stamps for you to start exploring the Hanging Gardens. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Ancient Babylon and let the adventure begin!

I hope this reimagined version captures the excitement and key highlights of the event, making it more appealing to fellow players. Enjoy the adventure in Ancient Babylon!

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