Evony’s Wheel of Past Secret: Earn the Ideal Land Building Gondola

📣 Hey Gamers, get ready for an epic adventure! The Evony official announcement has just dropped their latest event — the , kicking off on September 1st!

Evony's Wheel of Past Secret
Evony's Wheel of Past Secret

👀THere are the details of the Wheel of Past Secret

To join the action, head over to the Event Center and select ‘Wheel of Past Secret.' Using the , you can spin the wheel for a chance at limited like the building – ! 🏰 Plus, you get 1 Free Spin every day! 🔄

💥 Win all 4 types of and you'll unlock any remaining rewards and max out your Gondola's level! 🚀

🔥Gondola (Max Level Attributes)

  • Prosperity Points skyrocket to +800! 🌟
  • Capacity expands by +5,000! 🤯
  • Enemy HP slashed by -10%! 💀
  • Your Ground Troop Attack gets a +6% boost! 🏹

🦁 Need more Lion Statues? You can snag them from both the Rare Package and Uruk Epic Package. Don't worry, any leftovers will turn into Lion Statue Chests after the event. 🎁

❗️Having trouble accessing the event? Update your game to the latest version to get in on the action!

📢 Don't miss out on this chance to maximize your rewards and gameplay! Spin the Wheel of Past Secret and make your Evony experience even more thrilling! 🎉

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