Explore Relic Chamber in Evony to Obtain Rare Historic Generals

Exploring the in Evony can not only add casual fun to the tense SLG atmosphere but also earn generous rewards for free. For players who don't want to spend too much money on the game, we can obtain precious General Fragment(s) through this method to synthesize rare General(s). In addition, we can also obtain many important items for city development, troop building, and general training by collecting the and exploring the Relic Chamber. If you would like to learn more details about Evony's Relic and Relic Chamber, please read on.

The Rules of Relic & Relic Chamber

  1. Accumulate a sufficient number of Slate Fragments to access the Relic Chamber. Every time open the Relic Chamber, we need to use 25 Slate Fragments. The Slate Fragment is obtainable through the exploration of Relics.
  2. After entering the Relic Chamber, we have to utilize a Brick Hammer to dismantle the bricks within the Relic Chamber, unveiling the prizes concealed behind them. The Brick Hammer is also available in the Relics.
Dismantle Bricks in Evony Relic Chamber to Get Rewards
Dismantle Bricks in Evony Relic Chamber to Get Rewards
  1. Prior to the dismantling of the bricks, we can designate 3 prizes as the paramount treasures for the current session in the Relic Chamber.
  2. It is permissible for us to alter our selection of any paramount treasures not yet acquired, without affecting the progress of brick dismantling. (Note: Once a paramount treasure has been acquired, it cannot be substituted.)
According to the above rules, it is easy to see that if you want to open the Relic Chamber and get rewards from it, exploring Relic is the only way to go.

Relic Exploration Rules

Evony Relic includes ordinary relics and the , among which ordinary relics include 5 levels.
A Relic needs a to open. To open different levels of Relic, you need to use treasure maps of different qualities. Details are as follows.

Lv1 Relic

Use a Common Treasure Map to locate a Lv1 Relic.
A Lv1 Relic exists for 2 days.

Lv2 Relic

Use an Uncommon Treasure Map to locate a Lv2 Relic.
A Lv2 Relic exists for about 4 days.

Lv3 Relic

Use a Rare Treasure Map to locate a Lv3 Relic.
The remaining time of a Lv3 Relic is 5 days.

Lv4 Relic

Use a Legendary Treasure Map to locate a Lv4 Relic.
A Lv4 Relic can remain for 6 days.

Lv5 Relic

Use an Epic Treasure Map to locate a Lv5 Relic.
The existence time of a Lv5 Relic is 7 days.

Lv6 Relic (Mysterious Relic)

Use a Magic Treasure Map to locate a Mysterious Relic
A Mysterious Relic can be kept on the World Map for 3 days.
  1. Once you enter and open a Relic, you cannot open another Relic while the Relic exists.
  2. If you use a treasure map to locate a Relic and want to relocate a Relic for various reasons (such as being too far away), you need to abandon the original Relic first. Remember, never send troops to explore the relics you want to abandon.

How to Get Relic Treasure Maps

Lv1, Lv2, …, Lv12 will be referred to as B1, B2, …, B12 below.

Common Treasure Map

There is a chance to obtain the Common Treasure Map by killing B1 Zombie, B2 Redcap, and B3 Centaur.

Uncommon Treasure Map

Kill B4 Skeleton Dragon, B5 Werewolf Boss Monsters, and Junior to get the Uncommon Treasure Map possibly.

Rare Treasure Map

You may receive the Rare Treasure Map from B6 Manticore, B7 Yasha, and Senior Garuda.

Legendary Treasure Map

Defeat B8 Peryton, B9 Minotaur, and Royal Thief (Nell, Nightingale, and Duke), and you will have an opportunity to earn the Legendary Treasure Map.

Epic Treasure Map

There are many paths to access the Epic Treasure Map:
  • Defeat B10 Griffin, B11 Ifrit, and B12 Kamaitachi;
  • Kill Excellent Garuda;
  • Defeat event monster Lv1 Junior and special monster .

Magic Treasure Map

To get the Magic Treasure Map, you can compose Epic Treasure Maps in your Items Inventory.
By the way, except for the first one (Common Treasure Map), all the above treasure maps can be synthesized with treasure maps that are one level lower than themselves. Every 3 treasure maps of a lower level can be combined into 1 treasure map of a higher level.

Relic Exploration Rewards

  • Lv1 & Lv2 Relic: Gold, Speed Up, Troop Recall, Material Chest, Food/Lumber/Stone/Ore, Gems, Monarch EXP, General EXP, Monarch Gear Chest, Wheel of Fortune Chip, and Refining Stone. (The number of items dug up by exploring Lv2 Relic is more than that of Lv1, and the Speed Up you can obtain is different.)
  • Lv3 Relic: Besides the above rewards, it also includes Free Tax.
  • Lv4 Relic: Based on the item types in Lv3 Relic, Artwork Fragment Chest I to V is added.
  • Lv5 Relic: Troop Recall and Free Tax have been removed from the prize pool, but the number of other items has increased, especially resources.
  • Mysterious Relic: Based on Lv5, they add Treasure Box and to the Mysterious Relic.

Relic Chamber Rewards

Historic General Fragment in Relic Chamber:

Golden General (Epic Historic General) – , Alfred the Great, Tomyris, George A. Custer, li Naomasa, Soult, Maeda Toshiie, Zachary Taylor, , .
Purple General (Legendary Historic General) – Gaius Marius, Hernando Cortes, Constance l, John Buford, Shimazu Yoshihiro, Sanada Yukimura
In my opinion, the best generals among them are Elektra and Queen Boudica.

Other Rewards:

Skill Book Page
Skill Book Chest
Persia King's Treasure
Pharaoh's Treasure
Lv4 Dragon Scale
Material Bag (Silk Road)
Soul Crystal
Source of Life
Horns of Recalling (10)
Adv Troop March Speedup
Adv City Teleporter
100 Stamina
Refining Stone (Click to learn more ways to Obtain Refining Stone)
Blood of Ares
Junior Blazon Chest
Dragon Crystal
Tactic Scroll
Ruby Necklace
Art Treasure Scroll Chest
Magic Artwork Chest
Treasure Box
Speed Up
Monarch EXP
General EXP
Spiritual Beast EXP
Super Resource Chest
×2 – Your next reward will be multiplied by 2.
×3 – Your next reward will be multiplied by 3.

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