Get Valuable Rewards in the General Portrait Exhibition & General Hall in Art Hall

Evony has been hosting the Portrait Exhibition Event for a while and has gone through several changes. We can get more Historic Generals here. At present, it seems that this event is a cyclical event. During the event, we can get General's Invitations to redeem rare General Tokens and other .
As the game continues to be updated, the Evony team has successively made various changes to the event and the General Hall in the .
In this article, we will discuss how to play in the General Portrait Exhibition first, and then introduce the General Hall in Art Hall to players who do not unlock certain levels' Art Hall.

General Portrait Exhibition Event

Entrance – Valuable Event

During the opening time of this event, you can find it in the Valuable Event. And we can use General's Invitation to redeem Epic Historic Generals at this event, which is a really wonderful way for us to get more Historic Generals.

Get Generals from General Portrait Exhibition Event
Redeemable General Token
General's Invitation Number
Redeem Chance
Trojan Horse Historic General
Laurel Wreath Historic General
Yasakani no Magatama Historic General
Epic Historic General (Common)
General Hall I Historic General
General Hall II Historic General
General Hall III Historic General

The way to get the General's Invitation

  • Event packages

You can purchase the General's Invitation Package to get a small number of General's Invitations and get a large number of General's Invitations from the imperial General Hall Package.
  • Server Monarch Competition

During the event, 5 General's Invitations will be awarded for each stage that achieves the highest level of scores required.
  • Activity Chest

Players who reach 145 in Daily Activity can receive 6 General's Invitations during the event.

Art Hall – General Hall

We can get abundant rewards by collecting Generals in General Hall in the Art Hall. And dismissing a General does not affect the collection that has already been completed.
So, which rewards we can gain in General Hall?

No.1 General Hall I

  • Tyrant – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv27

, Empress Dowager, Nero, and Raged King
Material Bag (Silk Road) *30
  • Victorious Master – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv28

Trần Hưng Đạo, , Charles Martel, and William Wallace
Epic Historic General *1
  • Aura of Empress – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv29

Queen Jindeok, Empress Wu, Queen Victoria, and Shajar al-Durr
24 Hour Speed Up *10
Each of the 5M Food Box, Lumber, Stone and Ore *10
  • Strategy Master – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv30

Gustavus Adolphus, Li Jing, , and Takeda Shingen
Refining Stone *1,000
  • Genius Leader – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv31

Alexander Nevsky, Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, and Khalid
Badge *150
  • King's Conquest – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv32

, Barbarossa, Li Shimin, and Mehmed II
Soul Crystal *20
Horns of Recalling (5) *10
  • Legendary General – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv33

Arminius, Ulysses S. Grant, Gwon Ryul, and Sherman
Super Attack Increase (10 min) *2
Senior March Size Increase *1
  • Meritocrat – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv34

Menshikov, Ban Chao, Trajan, and Askia Muhammad I
Lv4 Chest *2
Runestone Chest *100
Lucky Stone *20
  • Legendary Hero – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv35

King Arthur, Martinus, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and James Bowie
Lv6 Dragon Scale *10
Pharaoh's *10
Persia King's Treasure *10
  • Invincible Ares – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv35

Huo Qubing, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and Prince Rhaegar
Epic Historic General *1

No.2 General Hall II

  • Heroine

Elektra, Elise, Oda Oichi, and Aethelflaed
Treasure Box *50
  • Undefeated General

Prince Eugene, Petronas, Yeon Gaesomun, and Flavius Aetius
Blood of Ares *50
  • Authority of Emperor

Philip II, Baldwin IV, Gaius Octavius, and John I of Portugal
Pharaoh's Treasure *50
Persia King's Treasure *50
  • Greatest Honor

William Marshal, Bertrand du Guesclin, Roland, and El Cid
Epic Historic General (Premium) *1
  • North Ocean War Song

Nordic , Princess Kaguya, Ludwig, and Alessandra
Excellent Dragon Coin *5
Dragon Crystal *20
  • Unstoppable General

Zhao Yun, Surena, Epaminondas, and Kusunoki Masashige
Lv6 Dragon Scale *10
Pharaoh's Treasure *20
Persia King's Treasure *20
  • Peerless Hero

Lysander, Wallenstein, , and Mark Antony
Junior Blazon Chest *10
  • Famous Leader

Simeon the Great, Leo III, Harald III, and Alexander the Great
Epic Historic General (Premium) *1
  • Sengoku Warlord

Toyotomi Hideyori, Ii Naomasa, , and Honda Tadakatsu
Art Treasure Scroll Chest *20
  • Roman Emperor

Septimius Severus, Maximilian, Carus, and Basil II
Lv6 Dragon Scale *10
Pharaoh's Treasure *20
Persia King's Treasure *20
  • Charismatic Leader

Theodora, Elizabeth I, Tomyris, and Margaret I
Rudy Necklace *10
  • Mighty Emperor

Sun Ce, Hōjō Ujiyasu, Leonidas I, and Zachary Taylor
Epic Historic General (Premium) *1

No.3 General Hall III

Unprecedented Legend

Seleucus I, Suleiman the Magnificent, Gnarr, and Ramesses II
Ruby Necklace *10
Blood of Ares *2
Horns of Recalling (5) *1

Oriental Heroes

Yi Sun-sin, Guan Yu, Oda Nobunaga, and Wei Qing
Lv6 Dragon Scale *10
Material Bag (Silk Road) *40
Dragon Source Fragment *100

Ocean Master

Peter the Great, , David Farragut, and
Excellent Dragon Coin *4
Refining Stone *50
Persia King's Treasure *40

Wise Queen – Unlocked at Art Hall Lv35

Queen Boudica, Isabella I, Himiko, and Jadwiga
Epic Historic General (Premium) *1
Super Attack Increase (10min) *3
Pharaoh's Treasure *30

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