India’s Famous City Invades the Cultural Subordinate City Event!

Hey, fellow gamers! Strap in for the ride of your lives, as the new Cultural Event is coming, and it's featuring none other than India's Famous City! Speaking as a battle-hardened player, I can tell you, this is an adventure you DON'T want to miss. Want to feel like a superhero on the battlefield? Check out these awesome buffs that will supercharge your troops!

Cultural Subordinate City Buffs:

  1. Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +15% (Imagine the POWER! 💥)
  2. Ground Troop Attack and HP +10% (Almost invincible! 🛡️)
  3. Training Speed +20% (Build your super army faster! ⚔️)
  4. Death into Survival Rate in this Subordinate City +20% (Yes, you read that right! 😲)

India Famous City


Event Timeline: July 28th to 30th across FIVE continents!

Earn Cultural Subordinate City Clues by slaying it in World Boss and snagging those basic Gems. You'll be ranked on your continent based on your stash of clues.

Clues reset daily, and rankings refresh, so don't forget to grab your Cultural Subordinate City !

You can even swap Cameos for Cultural Subordinate City Keys and other jaw-dropping rewards. But remember, after August 1st, any leftover Cameos will morph into other goodies.

Wrap-Up: The event wraps on July 30th, but you can eyeball your rankings and snatch rewards until August 1st.

So, fellow warriors, India's Famous City awaits us! Dive into the battle and let's revel in the excitement of the clash and the joy of the spoils! Don't miss this thrilling opportunity to conquer the Cultural Subordinate City! 😉🎮🏰

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