It’s Epic to unlock Champion Dulcinea in Evony

Hey, fellow Evony gamers! Gather 'round as I tell you about the latest thrill that's coming to our gaming world. The Journey of Event is set to storm our screens on June 9th, and it promises to be a ride filled with chivalry, romance, and rewards!

Evony The Journey of Dulcinea Event
Evony The Journey of Dulcinea Event


Enter the Knight's Holy Land 🏰 Straight from the legendary land of La Mancha, the valiant female knight, Dulcinea, is saddling up for her grand journey across the continent. Her quest for glory and honor is YOUR adventure too! Find her on the page in the Keep menu. Trust me, it's worth a visit!

Romance and Riches Await! 💝 Get your hands on the Romantic Package from the Valuable Event page, and unlock and . Inside those La Mancha Boxes? A treasure trove of La Mancha Armor Fragments, just waiting to be yours! And let's not forget, you can also wrestle up to 10 La Mancha Armor Fragments from Monsters every single day. Bring it on!

Forge the Legendary La Mancha Armor 🛡️ Stash 400 of those shiny La Mancha Armor Fragments, and voilà! You've got yourself a La Mancha Armor, the key to unlocking Champion Dulcinea. And if you're lucky enough to have any extras lying around? Break 'em down for Mini Resource Chests. More loot? Yes, please!

Ready to Embark? 🚀 Make sure you're riding into battle with the latest version of the game to join the event. Update now, and let's dive into the Journey of Dulcinea together!

So, fellow knights and adventurers, prepare to immerse yourselves in a tale of heroism, love, and fabulous rewards. The Journey of Dulcinea awaits, and I can't wait to see you there. Let's make this event one for the history books! 🎮🏹💖

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