Join Civilization Celebration Events to Gain Limited Rewards

Evony: The King's Return is rolling out the “” from August 29th to 31st. There is a chance to gain limited rewards including 200 Meteoric, get 's Invitations from the Server Monarch Competition, Activity Chest, and packages Stones.

Civilization Celebration
Civilization Celebration

🌠 Astrolabe Event: Your Chance for Unique Rewards

The Event is on, and the loot is decent. You've got a shot at 200 , Material Bags from the Silk Road, and not one, but two types of Lost Civilization Scroll Chests. If you manage to collect all four types of rewards, you'll automatically get the rest in your current Astrolabe.

⚔️ General's Invitational: Collect ‘Em All!

For those of you climbing the ranks in the Server Monarch Competitions or pulling in Activity Chests, you'll earn General's Invitations. Use them to unlock some truly interesting Historic Generals, including , , , and .

🏹 King's Scheme: Plot Your Next Move

During the event time, players can get General Mementos from the King's Scheme event sale and redeem a specific General from redeemable ones or Epic Historic General Token of Common, Rare, or Super quality. In this round of the event, players can redeem: , and . In the next round of the event, players can redeem: , Flavius Aetius, and Prince Rhaegar.

💎 Strategic Stockpile: Gems for Days

In the event, purchasing Basic Gems nets you some bonus rewards. But remember, the event resets daily, so be mindful of that clock.

🌾 Joyful Harvest: Daily Quests, Daily Rewards

Complete quests each day during the Joyful Harvest Event, and you'll get some handy items for your efforts. Just remember to claim them before the day's end.

🌿 Precious Vegetation: An Herbal Adventure

Participate in quests that involve Korean Ginseng, and you'll walk away with a nice cache of rare items. These items will disappear post-event, so use them wisely.

🥇 Gold Rush: A Fair Trade

Last but not least, the Consuming Return Event lets you exchange Gold and certain Speedups for additional perks. It's a short-term deal, so keep an eye out.

That's the rundown, folks! Looking forward to seeing you all at the Civilization Celebration.

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