Play Evony on PC client to get the new Avatar Frame and March Effect

During Carnival Week, Evony brings benefits to users through the event. You just need to download the PC client from the official Evony website (Please open the link on your PC to view the download entry), and by playing on the PC client, you will get generous rewards, a limited , and a . This article will introduce the details of each player.
Play Evony on PC to Join the New Force Event
Play Evony on PC to Join the New Force Event
Log in to the game on PC for a certain number of days, and you can claim the login reward. After playing for a certain amount of hours on the PC side, you can claim online time rewards. Available on mobile or PC.

Fiery Revelry

First, you can get rewards based on your cumulative online time on a PC client. The corresponding rewards for different cumulative online times are as follows.
  • 60mins – Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twig, Treasure Box, Art Treasure Scroll Chest, 5K Spiritual Beast EXP
  • 120mins – all above rewards + 5K General EXP
  • 240mins – all above rewards + Source Fragment, Research Stone
  • 360mins – all above rewards + 60 Minute Speed Up, Special Resources Chest
  • 480mins – , 5K Gems, 1M Gold
In addition, you can also claim rewards by logging in on the PC client every day.
Among them, as long as you log in on the PC for one day, you can receive 1 Avatar Frame. If you log in for 10 days, you can get the following items in total:
Blood of Ares *30
Junior Blazon Chest *3
Love Box *6
Material Bag (Silk Road) *6
Special Resources Chest *35
60-Minute Speed Up *70

Fiery Feast

Play Evony on the PC client for 10 minutes to unlock the purchase permission of the package.
In particular, you can receive a Fiery Feast Avatar Frame from this package.
You can also receive rewards including:
Gems, Super Resource Chest, Blood of Ares, Junior Blazon Chest, Art Treasure Scroll Chest, Source of Life, Food/Lumber/Stone/Ore, , Treasure Box, Refining Stone, Runestone Chest, Material Bag (Silk Road), Research Stone, Gold, Speed Up, Adv Troop March Speedup, Stamina, Monarch EXP, and General EXP.

Guard Wing

Play Evony on the PC client for 30 minutes to unlock the purchase permission of the package. You can get the Guard Wing March Effect from the package.
Moreover, you can also get other rare rewards that not only contain the items in the Fiery Feast package, but also include Epic Historic General (Premium) token, Excellent Dragon Coin, Dragon Crystal, Badge, and Adv City Teleporter.

  1. Fiery Feast package and Guard Wing package can only be purchased once. And you can purchase them on both mobile and PC clients.
  2. The Guard Wing March Effect belongs to the . You can view the details of the Noble Garden Decoration Collection on the Decoration Collection interface.

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