Strategies, Buffs, and Rewards in Evony’s Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season

The final round of Season 67's Ultimate Season is fast approaching. To assist all contestants, this article will detail the scoring rules, , and rewards, along with providing players with strategic advice drawn from actual combat experience.

Evony Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season
Evony Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season

Building Scores:

Battlefield BuildingsBuffsBuildings' QuantitlyScores (/Minute)
Crystal Mine-816
PortalAlliance Teleport Chance +1 (After occupying it for 30 secs)616
Battlefield HospitalAlliance's Healing Speed +60%116
Blessing TowerAlliance's Attack and Defense +20%216
Knight's HallLet the Knights attack your opponent every 3 mins132
Rally HallAlliance's Rally Capacity +15%116


War Supply:

Within the game, there are 13 different War Supply buffs available for individuals or teams. These buffs include enhancements such as attack, defense, and HP boosts, Troop Healing, T15 Mercenary support, and more. Each War Supply offers three random buffs, allowing you to choose one. If you forget to make a selection within the 10-minute countdown, don't worry; the system will randomly pick a buff for you. Once acquired, the chosen buff's effects will last until the battlefield's conclusion.

To obtain a War Supply, players must capture the Crystal Mine that the Supply Carriage is targeting. Keep an eye on the map for the lit carriage icon, indicating its destination. Whoever occupies the Crystal Mine when the carriage arrives will have the opportunity to select their desired buff.

Killing Scores:

The scores earned by killing each 1,000,000 troops
Troops' Level



Participants can look forward to a variety of rewards, including:

  • Badges
  • Ultimate (Open to receive a random item such as a Food/Lumber/Ore/Stone Box, 30-Minute Speed Up, 8-Hour, or 3-Day Speedup for Construction)
  • Constantinople Chest (Containing Gems, Resources, Speedups, or Gold)
  • Dragon Source Fragments
  • Tactic Scrolls

Win or lose, rewards await you on the battlefield. The more scores you accumulate, the more abundant each type of reward becomes.

The Rewards of Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season
The Rewards of Battle of Constantinople Ultimate Season

Strategies for PvP and Occupying Buildings in Evony

Whether battling other players in fierce PvP conflicts or vying for control of key buildings, Evony's strategic gameplay requires clever planning and coordination. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you succeed in both these vital aspects of the game.

Strategies for PvP

1. Hiding Troops with Fake Rallies:

Weak castles can initiate a 60-minute rally to conceal troops. It's advised to turn off “Alliance War Share” before the battlefield begins to prevent allies from being confused by the false rally. In the “Setting” menu, go to “Options,” find the “Alliance War Setting” option, and switch it off.

2. Effective Defense with T1 Troops:

Training a substantial number of T1 troops is a reliable strategy for fortifying your defenses.

3. Misleading the Enemy with False Rallies:

When a strong castle in your alliance rallies to attack a formidable opponent, it can simultaneously launch multiple false rallies with various troop types. This tactic can effectively confuse the enemy when they lack time to scout.

4. Observing and Reacting to Opponent's Movements:

If an opponent is adept at shifting positions to dodge attacks, you might consider holding off on action after initiating a rally. Monitor their reaction to the rally, and if they move, cancel it; if not, speed up the attack immediately.

Strategies for Occupying Buildings

1. Coordination During Crystal Mine Arrival:

When the Supply Carriage approaches the corresponding Crystal Mine, teamwork might be needed to secure control. If an opponent currently occupies the Crystal Mine, a rally attack may be necessary. If an ally is the occupier, consider sending reinforcement troops.

2. Utilizing Weak Castles for Occupation:

Weak castles can play a vital role in occupying buildings by reserving a small number of troops, or even a single soldier. After a building's occupation and subsequent troop evacuation to prevent losses, weak castles can reoccupy or reinforce the building with minimal troops to gain points.

3. Reinforcing Strong Allies:

If a building is already under the control of a strong castle in your alliance, reinforcing it with a single soldier is a wise strategy. In case of an enemy attack, this will trigger an alarm, allowing the strong castle to respond promptly and eliminate the threat.

By applying these strategies, players can enhance their PvP performance and control over buildings, leading to a more enjoyable and competitive experience in Evony. Whether a seasoned veteran or a new recruit, these tips can make a significant difference on the battlefield.

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