The purpose of Evony’s Refining Stone and the most comprehensive way to obtain it

has many uses in Evony and its consumption is really large. How to accumulate as many refining stones as possible through various methods has become something that players have to pay attention to. This article will first explain the use of refining stones, and then list the ways to obtain refining stones as comprehensively as possible to offer some help.

The Purpose of the Refining Stone

Common equipment and civilization equipment can both be refined.
Forge – Craft – Refine
Wonder – Civilization Equipment – Refine
When a piece of civilization equipment's four refining attributes reaches golden, you can advance refine this civilization equipment. And the advanced refining will also consume the refining stones.
You can refine any dragon on Dragon Cliff and Pasture.

How to obtain the Refined Stone

No.1 Kill monsters

  1. Common Boss Monsters (Probabilistic drop)
  2. Event Boss Monsters
Definite drop: Hydra, Witch, Warlord, Golem, Sphinx, Lava Turtle, Pan, and Ymir
Probabilistic drop:Cerberus and Bayar Knight
Events related to event boss monsters, such as Hydra Invasion, Pan's Trials, and Revenge of Ymir, have additional score rewards. In the event, alliance members in the alliance with top-10 scores will receive refining stone rewards, 100 for the 1st place and 20 for the 10th place.
  1. Viking
Vikings with different difficulties will be rewarded with different amounts of refining stones. Please check the details in the following table.
Viking Difficulty RatingEasyNormalHardHell
The Number of Refined Stones Rewarded2503505001250

No.2 Residential and festival events

This is a specific event for consuming refining stones. During the event, you can get scores by consuming refining stones. And you will be ranked based on your scores and awarded according to your ranking after the event. The rewards contain massive refining stones.
Open the James Bowie egg (the green egg) to get 180 refining stones.
Open the Pompey egg (the golden egg) to get 360 refining stones.
  1. Consuming Return Event (Gems consuming round):
Consume a certain amount of gems to receive refining stones. You can receive up to 15,450 refined stones (consume 8,000,000 diamonds).
  1. King's Path
Day 2 – Try your Best (Consume Stamina)
Day 3 – God's Blessing (Offer)
Day 4 – Wheel of Fortune (Spin the Wheel of Fortune); Sharp Weapons (Refine equipment)
Day 5 – Undefeated (Attack player's main city)

Complete the quests in King's Path, you can get up to 687 refining stones.

  1. Gather Troops
Day 1 – Accumulate Steadily; Increase power & Recruit More (Cultivate Generals)
Day 2 – Ground Troop Array
Day 3 – Mounted Troop Array; Ranged Troop Array
Day 4 – Siege Machine
Day 5 – Undefeated (Attack ≥Lv18/22/26/30/34 main city and win)
The number of completed tasks reaches 5, 10, 30, 50, and 70, you will get Luxury Treasure Chest respectively, and there are refining stones in each chest.
Complete the quests in Gather Troops, you can get up to 3321 refining stones.
  1. Dwarf's
Collect Wishing Coins by gathering resources and killing monsters, and use the coins to wish for the green apple (Lucky Apple – Blessing) to get a chance of receiving refining stones.
Wish for Lucky Apple to get the Dwarf's Delicious Pie, and use the pie to visit to get the Witch's Gift. Open the gift, and there is a chance to get refining stones.
  1. Golden Refining
Refining any dragon a certain number of times.
  1. Civilization Celebration
Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Tea Culture, Precious Vegetation, Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, and Fragrance
  1. , , and
Complete quests to earn rewards. Both normal rewards and Privileges Rewards that require the purchase of the Precious Treasure contain a lot of refining stones.
  1. Undead Invasion
Alliance scores' ranking rewards contain refining stones.
  1. Alliance Boss
Alliance Boss LevelPersonal & Alliance Reward LevelThe Rewarded Number of Refined Stones
Lv1 Silver Lionheart Knight (Obsidian)Personal Rewards Lv1 and Lv6120
Alliance Rewards Lv520
Alliance Rewards Lv1030
Lv2 Silver Lionheart Knight (Mica)Personal Rewards Lv1 and Lv6150
Alliance Rewards Lv530
Alliance Rewards Lv1050
Lv3 Silver Lionheart Knight (Cinnabar)Personal Rewards Lv1 and Lv6180
Alliance Rewards Lv550
Alliance Rewards Lv1080
  1. Alliance Competition
Accept and complete tasks in Alliance Competition to earn enough scores. And when your Monarch Score reaches a certain number to claim rewards, including refining stones.
Unlock Precious Treasure Lv13, Lv26, and Lv41 to claim 240, 240, and 300 refining stones respectively.
Unlock Max Level (Lv50-80) to claim 725 refining stones in total.
Moreover, you can also redeem refining stones with the Duel Coin in the Alliance Duel Shop.
You can get refining stones from the Score Rewards and Redeem page during Alliance Carnival.
Score(s)Refining Stone(s)
Collect the Shield of Glory to redeem the Goldfish, and use it to receive 600 refining stones.
Collect the Sword of Justice to redeem refining stones.
  1. Historic City Searching
Get refining stones from ranking rewards at the Historic City Searching event.
  1. Celebration Squad
Visit Lv2/3/4 Celebration Squad to get the Celebration Gift. And open it to get a chance of receiving refining stones.
Get Refining Stones from Celebration Squad
Get Refining Stones from Celebration Squad
  1. Other events
Trial of Knights, Journey to Glory, Super Feeding, Lost Treasure, Delphic Oracle

No.3 Buy in shops

  1. Store – Items – Special
You can spend 200 gems purchasing 1 Refining Stone.
Get Refining Stones from Store in Evony
Get Refining Stones from the Store in Evony
  1. Alliance Shop (Tips: After purchasing the , not only can you receive a large number of Alliance Scores for purchasing items every day, but you can also purchase exclusive items for the monthly card. These items will be updated daily, and there is a chance to refresh refining stones.)
  2. Excellent Blazon Shop
  3. Black Market – Buy 200 refining stones with 30,000 gems.
  4. Battlefield Shop – Shop
Get Refining Stones from Black Market and All-Star Shop
Get Refining Stones from Black Market and All-Star Shop
You can use 1 to buy 50 refining stones.
And you can get the coins by reaching a certain ranking in the All-Star Battlefield, All-Star Elite Battlefield, and All-Star Junior Battlefield.

No.4 PvP

  1. Battle of Chalons
Total Ranking Rewards:
Major League (Place 1 to 256) – Chalons Major Chest – Refining Stone *40
Elite League (Place 1 to 10000) – Chalons Elite Chest – Refining Stone *30
Junior League (Place 1 to 10000) – Chalons Junior Chest – Refining Stone *15
  1. All-Star
Total Ranking Rewards:
Battlefield GroupPlaceReward ChestThe Number of Refined Stones
All-Star Battlefield

(Constantinople Ultimate War Season Ranking: Top 1-400)
1月15日All-Star Glorious Gold Chest600
16-100All-Star Glorious Silver Chest480
101-400All-Star Glorious Bronze Chest360
All-Star Elite Battlefield

(Constantinople Ultimate War Season Ranking: Top 401-800)
1月15日All-Star Shiny Gold Chest300
16-100All-Star Shiny Silver Chest200
101-400All-Star Shiny Bronze Chest100
All-Star Junior Battlefield

(Constantinople Ultimate War Season Ranking: Top 801-1200)
1月15日All-Star Brave Gold Chest100
16-100All-Star Brave Silver Chest80
101-400All-Star Brave Bronze Chest50
  1. Barbarian
Personal scores reach a certain number, and you will get rewards, including Barbarians Invasion Monarch Score Chest. The chests have different levels and open them to get different quantities of refining stones.

No.5 The usual way to get it

  1. Activity Rewards
Activity reaches 50/80/110/145 to claim 25/30/35/40 refining stones.
  1. Use the Blessing
Such as Water Balloon, Shave Ice, Lucky Snowman, Weaver's Flare, Achelois Scepter, Sunny Doll, Rainy Doll, and Heavenly Fire
  1. VIP login reward
When your VIP level ≥ 10, you can get a few refining stones in a daily VIP Free Gift, 6000 refining stones in the Premium Package of VIP 11 to 16, and 3600 refining stones in the Premium Package of VIP 17 to 25.
  1. Subordinate city
Subordinate cities can also produce refining stones for you. But there are very few refined stones that can be obtained in this way, because the items produced in sub-cities are always random, and most of them are mainly equipment materials.
  1. Fame
Many quests in Fame will reward you with refining stones. You can click the Fame to check them on the Great Feats page.

No.6 Purchase packages

  1. Event packages
This is the highest performance-to-price ratio package.
  1. King's Party
Purchase basic gems to level up the party cake and claim corresponding rewards including refining stones.
  1. Limited Offer
Monthly Package:
  • 1st level – 1,200
  • 2nd level – 1,800
  • 3rd level – 3,600
  • 4th level – 6,000
  1. Strategic Stockpile
Purchase a certain amount of gems to receive refining stones.

Most packages contain refining stones, and you can check the packages' “Detail” in the Store to confirm.

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