What about the Tavern General Vladimir the Great in Evony?

As the Grand Prince of Kiev, was a politician and militarist in ancient Russia. In Evony, Vladimir the Great is an Epic Historic General with some debuff attributes that can be obtained in . If you would like to know his special skill, specialty, and other paths to get him, please read this article. And we will give some suggestions about the application of this general.

The General Story of Vladimir the Great

In 978, Vladimir the Great took his army back to Kiev, replacing his brother who had driven him out of his hometown, and became the Grand Duke of Kiev!
Under the rule of Vladimir the Great, Kiev became more powerful and prosperous. Therefore, Vladimir extended the territory continuously. In 981, Vladimir seized the important towns from the Polish king and then attacked nearby forces. In 985, he conquered the areas along the Kama River with a fleet and established many colonies. Kiev was so powerful that even the Eastern Roman Empire had to marry the princess to Vladimir for a stable alliance.
Although Vladimir the Great was cold and absolute, he was the most legendary and meritorious duke of all the dukes of Kiev!
Evony Epic Historic General Vladimir the Great

The Special Skill of Vladimir the Great

Reduces enemy troops' attack by 10% and increases your ranged troops' attack by 20% when the General is leading the army.
1※ – Enemy Troop Attack -5%
2※ – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +8%
3※ – March Size Capacity +10%
4※ – Ranged Troop Attack +5%, Defense and HP +10%
5※ – Ranged Troop Attack, Defense, and HP +10%

The Max-level Specialty of Vladimir the Great

  • Ranged Troop Assault: Ranged Troop Attack and HP +10%
  • Siege: March Size Capacity +6%; Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  • Ranged Troop Ares: Ranged Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • : Enemy Troop Attack -10%; Enemy Ground Troop and Mounted Troop HP -10%

The Access Path of Vladimir the Great

  1. Recruit from Tavern

You can directly recruit Vladimir the Great in the Tavern by consuming gold. And you can use gems to refresh generals in the recruit list. If you want to increase the probability of your Tavern spawning Epic Historic General, you need to upgrade your Tavern as much as possible.
  1. King's Scheme Event

Join the King's Scheme event and cost General Memento *60 to redeem the 2nd general token item – Epic Historic General (Rare), which may open to get Vladimir the Great. You can redeem once a round.
The General Memento can be obtained by purchasing the event packages.
Get Vladimir the Great from King's Scheme Event
Get Vladimir the Great from King's Scheme Event
  1. Event

If you want to get a chance to get Vladimir the Great's general token from this event, you need to work hard to get enough personal scores. There are three groups that have this opportunity, but their requirements are different.
  • Novice League: Personal score reaches 2,600 to claim General Token Chest*1, which can be used to get Epic General token randomly.
  • Junior League: Personal score reaches 3,000 to claim General Token Chest*2
  • Elite League: Personal score reaches 3,500 to claim Epic Historic General *1
Use Epic General and Epic Historic General tokens, and you may receive the general Vladimir the Great.
Spin the Wheel of Fortune in the Tavern, and you will have a chance to get Adv General, Epic General, and Epic Historic General tokens.
Get Vladimir the Great from Wheel of Fortune
Get Vladimir the Great from Wheel of Fortune

How to Use Vladimir the Great

You can use Vladimir the Great to be:
  1. Reinforcement General
  2. Sub City General
In my opinion, Vladimir the Great is best to be a reinforcement general for the following reasons:
If he is an assistant general, the ascending attributes of the Special Skill will not take effect.
If he is a sub-city general, the March Size Capacity attribute will not take effect and the positive buff in the skill will only take effect on the sub-city troops.

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